Kuksa – Wooden coffee cup #1


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Cup volume: 250 milliliters

This Kuksa is crafted of a Finnish birch. Outside of Kuksa has been varnished, inside not. Each Kuksa has its own unique character as the natural materials are never the same, however the basic model & shape is the same as on the photos.

Kuksa (or Guksi) is a Wooden Coffee Cup crafted in Finland. The cup appears as a rough shape, carefully dried to prevent the wood from cracking. Crafting process follows the local traditions.

Kuksa is meant to be used as a personal drinking cup, which suits especially well  for drinking black coffee (not ever with milk). Pouring Milk into Kuksa is not recommended, as Kuksa should not be washed by using detergents. If you drink juice or alcohol from your Kuksa, you can rinse it with water. If you drink only black coffee, there is no need to even rinse your Kuksa.

Kuksa is well suitable for drinking coffee at the office environment also, as you don’t have to wash Kuksa after using it.